Big City, Big Goals: Here are 4 ways to get fit in the city

Walk through central park to get in extra steps

Living in a city, whether a big or small city, has its advantages and perks much like any other location. The cost of living, typically higher in cities, accounts for a lot. Proximity to shopping and dining, or maybe even work locations, is one reason for a high cost of living. One of the things we like best about big cities though is that there are so many opportunities to get into shape. Whether it’s walking around sightseeing, biking to work or class, and even ditching the car for walks through the park, the opportunities to get fit are seemingly endless. Fortunately, many are free, but the paid opportunities for fitness classes like barre and spin are offered by high-end boutique studios that attract world-class instructors.

Here are 4 ways to get fit in the city.  

Ditch the car and walk

Living in the city means there are many options for your daily transportation. Cities like Boston, New York, D.C., and L.A. are equipped with public transportation that will definitely make your life easier, sure. But why not ditch the car, skip the subway, and walk a few blocks to your building each day? You’re saving not only the environment and some stress or time you lose stuck in traffic, but you’re also getting some extra steps in.

Spend Saturdays in the Park

Surely, you’ve heard of Central Park. In D.C., there are countless parks and the national zoo is another great place to get in some extra steps. Soak up the sun during a Saturday or Sunday afternoon stroll.

Try a class

Boutique fitness classes are all the rage all over the country and overseas. Well, they should be! Many boutique fitness classes have great soundtracks filled with number 1 hits, and they’re taught by specialized exercise instructors who love their work. While pricey, these maps show the different costs for these classes all around the country. Lots of regular attendees will tell you it pays to snag a monthly unlimited membership to any of these studios! You can check out the pricing in your area thanks to these handy maps

Join a team

One of the best ways to get motivated to get fit, get active, and get healthy is to join a team. The more motivation, the better, right? With teammates, you’re sure to find an accountability buddy who will help you get out of bed and to practice or games even if you aren’t feeling like a team player that day. You can discover what kinds of teams are in your area by checking out this list of sports by region, state, and city. 

Even if you missed the chance to sign up for a team at the beginning of a season, you can offer to be an alternate. That way if someone happens to skip out on a game, you’ll be the first person they’ll call.


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