Home Buying Preferences of NFL Fans Revealed

We all know NFL fans have a lot of passion (some even decorate their houses), they also share a lot in common; dedication to their team, an instant connection with anyone else they meet that likes their team, wearing the same clothes as other fans on game day. But, is this where the similarities end?

The folks at Homes.com surveyed NFL fans to map out the correlation between what team they supported and their home buying preferences including urban, suburban, and rural homes.

Maybe it’s the constant watching of their teams running up and down a big green field but just like the big green field, a lot of NFL fans prefer to live in rural areas – I’m looking at you Steelers and Cowboys fans.

Seahawks, Packers, Bears, and Broncos fans all prefer suburban bliss. It seems that they’re looking for the best of both worlds. Surprisingly, urban areas are really unpopular amongst all fans, maybe there’s just not enough room to throw a football?


It gets even more interesting when we look at whether land or home size is more important to fans. Steelers, Patriots, Packers, Cowboys, and Seahawks all prefer to have more land size over home size. With the Patriots being from Boston, maybe they are fed up with urban living?

Bears and Broncos fans are all about the home size though. Maybe they need a place to store all their wings and beer?


Well there you have it: the majority of fans prefer a smaller home with a larger amount of land, as well as rural and suburban areas. Who knows? Maybe they want to make their own football fields one day?

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