The Impact of Culture on Our NYC Apartments


Living in New York City, you’re likely to come across many people from different cultural backgrounds. While America is known for being a cultural melting pot, larger cities (especially NYC) are typically the easiest place to see all of these cultures coming together. Walking down the street, you might hear different languages, smell new scents (speaking of the kitchen aromas here, not the trash), or see beautiful new styles. While it’s hard to deny the joy of tasting cuisines from a wide array of cultures, there’s another aspect of culture-blending seen in NYC that is truly fantastic: interior design.

In fact, American interior design has been heavily impacted by so many different cultures, that it might sometimes be difficult to identify which culture the style derives from. Joybird has created a cultural impact map which reveals some of these popular interior design trends and highlights the countries where the popular trends originated. While all of the decor trends featured on the map are beautiful, there are a few that are on the rise in 2018. Three countries, in particular, really stand out in the decor trends of my friends’ NYC apartments: Morocco, Turkey, and Sweden.

Moroccan Decor

Those who are fans of the modern bohemian design trend are probably very familiar with the impact that Moroccan culture has had on American interior design. You might see this style in the kitchen or bathroom with Moroccan tiles or, more commonly, in the living room with leather poufs or vintage furniture.

Turkish Decor

Those whose design style has been affected by the Moroccan culture will likely also have some home decor pieces that have been inspired by the styles found in Turkey. For instance, the modern bohemian look also often features Turkish rugs alongside their leather Moroccan poufs.

Swedish Decor

While many New York City residents are inspired by the cultures of Morocco and Turkey, there is a much larger group who are more inspired by a more simple design style. This style comes from Sweden and features elements such as neutral colors and straight-lined furniture. Swedish culture brings a more serene and streamlined feeling.

So, which of these cultures have affected your style the most? Which countries have left a footprint in your NYC apartment? Check out the full map of countries and cultures which have impacted American design trends here.

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