Holiday Date Ideas for a Night in the City

santa ice-skating in the city

Christmas is less than a week away. Holiday cheer is in the air all over the country, helping people get in the Cheermeister mood. Try one of these holidate ideas with your significant other or family to get in the spirit of the season. Volunteer together Help is always welcome especially at the time of … [Read more…]

Water, Water, Everywhere and Not A Drop to Spare: What’s the Future of Water Conservation in Washington?

water conservation in Washington

In the United States, households alone use an estimated 29 billion gallons of water daily. And while abundant water availability is a luxury that is afforded to some states, others are not so fortunate. Most people think of dry, arid southwestern states when they think of water conservation reform, but it may surprise you to … [Read more…]

Where There’s a Road, There’s a Way

city road name sign

Our roads, no matter where you live in the country, aren’t randomized – even if they seem disorganized in their naming conventions. There are some cities in the United States notorious for their horrendous roads and the way they were planned. Regardless of the condition of the roads in your city, cities with logical street … [Read more…]