1. Hi Connor,

    I paid a lot of attention to walkability scores when I moved to Carlsbad, Ca. this past Winter. Many of the Sites I was looking at for information about apartments included walk scores, so I went and looked up the patent to learn more about how it was calculated. It’s here if you want to learn more about how it is calculated:

    Systems, techniques, and methods for providing location assessments

    One thing I’ve discovered is that even though I can walk most places and finish most chores from where I live now, there’s so much variety in choices of places to go to, that I often find myself driving to places, rather than walking to closer choices.

    I’m likely going to be relocating early next year, and I’ll be paying attention to those walkability scores again.

    • Hey Bill,

      I can always count on you for you patent sleuthing! I tried to read up on the patent, but I have to admit that my understanding was pretty limited because the accompanying images didn’t load.

      But I agree, walkability is important to me too. Even if you don’t walk everywhere, it’s nice to have the option available, especially if traffic is bad. I’ll probably be relocating within the next 3 to 9 months as well, and hopefully I’ll be able to find an apartment in a walkable area that I can actually afford.

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