Walking or Biking? That is the Question

One of the most convenient things about living close to work is that you may not have to drive. Instead of sitting in morning or afternoon traffic, you can get to and from work by simply walking, or even biking. So, if you’re one of the lucky individuals who can walk or bike to work, what are some of the best ways to do so?


There are so many different types of bikes that it can be hard to find the right one for you. Luckily, most bike shops in the area allow you to customize your bike to fit your style. A place like Papillionaire Bikes in Brooklyn, NY lets you customize your bike to the height and size that you need. And, with options for baskets or book bag carriers, it’ll be easy to carry everything you need for your work day with you. Most bikes come with reflectors on them, but make sure your bike has reflectors on the front and back so people can see you whenever/wherever.

All you need now is a helmet (safety first!), a bike lock, and maybe a bell to help notify people you’re on the road, and then you’re ready to hit the streets! Oh and you can’t forget the safety rules of the road for bikers, this is especially important if there are no bike lanes where you are riding.


Don’t feel like biking to work, but want to walk instead? The proper footwear is key for maintaining a stylish look, while also being comfortable. Companies like Nike and New Balance create stylish options for you while providing the right amount of comfort and support. And with online coupon options like Promo Codes For You, you can save on all the best styles! Also, remember to think visibility when purchasing your clothing and accessories as well – the more visible you are to drivers, the better. While there are lights that you can purchase for helmets and bikes, loud clothing colors like yellow and neon green help keep you visible as well.

So, whether you choose to strut your stuff or pedal on down the road, there are so many ways to save money, and find the best option that’ll keep you comfortable.

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