Burglary Rates in Urban Cities

No matter what city you live in, you probably hear stories of crime and robbery constantly. The evening news is not complete without a story of a neighbor that became a victim. For whatever reason, big cities seem to attract crime more than secluded rural towns. 

There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself from becoming one of those victims. But still, the thought of criminals on the loose in your community is horrifying. No matter how many times you check the lock on your door, paranoia is haunting. 

A new study by CheckVideo reveals the exact odds of being burgled in 50 major US cities. If nothing else, these statistics will keep you informed. Knowing the prevalence of crime in your community is the first step to preventing it. 

The odds of being a victim are highest in Atlanta, Georgia; Miami, Florida; and Riverside, California. In these cities, residents have a 1 in 17 chance of being burgled. That means that if it doesn’t happen to you, you probably personally know someone who it has happened to. 

Cities where burglaries are happening the most frequently are Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; and Chicago, Illinois. Here, up to 6.5 burglaries occur each hour. These may be the cities you would expect to see with the highest crime rates. However, due to the large populations there is less of a chance that you become the unlucky individual. 

One major outlier in this data is Washington, DC. Despite this city being the nation’s capital and one of the biggest cities in the country, burglary rates are relatively low. In fact, your odds of being burgled here are just 1 in 943 and less than 1 burglary occurs each hour. 

Maybe the high security around government buildings has rubbed off on the population in DC. Still, it’s important to note that robbery is not the only crime that indicates the safety of a city. While robberies may be decreasing in the capital, the same can not be said for other violent crimes. In 2018, homicide rates increased by 42% in DC

So what is it about big cities that makes life more dangerous in these areas? If this stereotype is even true, there are a variety of potential explanations. It’s been argued that there are more valuables in big cities, so there’s more that’s worth stealing. 

On top of that theory, just as it’s less likely to become a victim in a larger city, criminals are less likely to get caught. In a large mass of people, it’s much easier to blend in and escape punishment. The incentive of anonymity in a big city encourages criminals to target places where it’s easier to hide.  

Still, take these statistics with a grain of salt. Of course bigger cities have more crime because there are more people and more opportunities. Moving to a more urban area does not automatically mean you will put yourself in danger. Know your risks and how to protect yourself and your city experience is sure to be everything you hoped for and more!

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