How to Celebrate the Holidays in a Small Space

Christmas is supposed to be one of the happiest times of year, but it can be tough at times. Especially if you’re living in a tiny apartment in a big city, sometimes the holidays just don’t feel the same as when you were a kid living with your parents. 

But living in a big city doesn’t mean you have to stop all of the traditions you always looked forward to. It just gives you an opportunity to rewrite the traditions to better fit your new and improved lifestyle. 

Some of the most popular winter activities are ones that you can still do from your studio apartment. You may not be able to go cross country skiing anymore, but there are always substitutes for the traditions you have to sacrifice. 

Plus, living in a big city means that there are new traditions you can make that you couldn’t do in your rural country home. There are pros and cons to every living situation, you simply have to find the pros and make the most of the situation at hand. 

For example, ice skating rinks are always better in a big city. There’s something magical about being surrounded by skyscrapers while you waltz around a layer of frozen solid water. It may be cheaper to skate on a frozen puddle in your backyard, but that doesn’t have the same effect. The rink at Rockefeller Center is famous for a reason. Go find your local city’s rink and you’ll earn a new appreciation for your home. 

You may not have the kitchen size to turn into a full-on Santa’s workshop anymore, but that doesn’t mean it should stop you from cooking and baking your favorite recipes. Scale down the recipe sizes and they’ll taste just as good as when your mom made them! 

And just because you don’t have a front yard to put blow ups in, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for Christmas. A smaller space means more opportunities to make it festive from head to toe. You’ll save big time on decorations when you’re not decorating ten different rooms.  

The trick to surviving the holiday season is finding the silver linings. Times like these will make you cherish the time you get to spend with your family all the more.

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