These Cities Were Hit the Hardest by Winter This Year

city during winter

As of this week, Winter 2019 is officially in the books. And with all the snow and rain we got this year, that’s not such a bad thing. Especially if you’re giddy to swap your sweaters, coats, and boots out for shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.

But before we leave winter completely behind, let’s take a look back at the 5 cities that got hit the hardest by winter weather this year, all in celebration of the fact that the coldest, rainiest, snowiest, days of the year are in our rearview.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a wintery ride.

Jersey City, NJ

Tucked in the chilly Northeastern region of the country, it’s really no wonder that Jersey City failed to avoid harsh winter weather this year. With an average annual snowfall of 18.7 inches and up to 14 minutes of commute time added for Jersey City locals on those particularly snowy days, it’s safe to say it was one rough winter in Jersey City.

Newark, NJ

Right down the road from Jersey cities lies the New York City suburb of Newark, where winter weather was also particularly terrible this year. With an average annual snowfall of nearly 27 inches and up to an additional 14 minutes of commute time on wintery days, Newark is probably welcoming spring with open arms.

Chicago, IL

Over in the Midwest, Chicago also had a snow-filled winter, which isn’t too shocking given that their average annual snowfall is a whopping 37 inches. And as you can imagine, all of this snow made for pretty awful commutes, too– with up to about 13 minutes of additional commute time added on the snowiest days.

Yonkers, New York

Just under an hour outside of New York City, Yonkers also got hit hard this year. At 23 inches, the average annual snowfall in Yonkers falls right between that of Newark and Jersey City.

As for commute times, some Yonkers drivers endured up to 13 additional minutes of travel per trip due to inclement weather this winter.

Philadelphia, PA

About two hours south from Yonkers lies Philadelphia, where winter came in full force this year.

But the average annual snowfall in Philly is 24 inches, so the snow shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise to Philadelphians this winter. Nevertheless, expecting a snowy winter doesn’t make the added 13 minutes of commute time any more bearable.


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