Claim your own space with a “She-Shed”

woman lounging in she-shed

Living in the city means you’re in walking distance to some of your favorite shops. The cute little coffee shop is just around the corner. There’s a late-night pizza shop two blocks up the street. Work isn’t too far, either. Convenience is everywhere, but then again, so is everyone else. Living in the city means you’re in walking distance of some of your favorite places, yet with that convenience comes neighbors. What woman wouldn’t need some space to call her own with neighbors living so closeby?

If men have a man-cave, women should surely have a she-shed. And in the city, we know there isn’t necessarily room for a shed in your backyard. This means your own space will need to be carved out within your home. Whether that’s your bedroom, your “Getting ready” space, or your kitchen… every woman deserves some space to call her own.

These 3 ways to set up your own space should help you claim your “she-shed” in your home.

Combine R&R with Functionality

City apartments aren’t exactly known for their high square-footage. In the off chance that you can’t afford that penthouse suite, there’s no reason why you can’t bring a little luxury into your life in the form of your she-shed. However, tight quarters demand that your rest and relaxation be mixed with at least a little functionality. Adding things such as a vanity or desk, both popular features in she-sheds, ensures that you can use the space to both unwind and get work done or get ready for a big night out (BNO)!

Bring the Outdoors In

There’s a reason cities are referred to as “concrete jungles”, and it’s not because of the fearless pigeons or pizza-swiping rats! Adding a couple of plants – be it a trendy succulent or a bouquet of lilies – can give your she-shed a cozy feeling, while also allowing you to bring a little bit of greenery into the big city. No green thumb? No problem! Faux plants are available at many stores. If you’re the crafty type, sprucing up a plain mirror or picture frame with fake flowers is also a simple way to incorporate a garden vibe without having to worry about whether or not your potted friend is getting enough water and sunlight.

Get Thrifty With It

The shabby-chic look has been in for ages now, and there’s no better place to cash in on the trend than at a thrift or antique store. Have your very own Flea Market Flip moment by visiting an outdoor market and getting pieces to upcycle, or troll the aisles at a local Goodwill for good she-shed finds, from antique jewelry dishes to funky artwork. A bonus: your thrifted finds won’t put too big a dent in your paycheck, meaning you can splurge on a nice bottle of wine to unwind with!

No matter where you carve out space in your home for your she-shed, it’s always important to incorporate your own personality and style into the space. After all, it’s your space to relax in, so why not make it a reflection of what helps you relax?

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