What Does Your College Major and Favorite Netflix Show Have in Common?

Your college major says a lot about you. An education major is a very different person than a math and science major. You probably have a specific image of both in your head – the education major is an average height, curly haired, bubbly female who always wears floral dresses while the math and science major is an awkward guy who typically wears over-sized hoodies and spends most of his time in his dark dorm behind a computer screen. On top of these stereotypes, there may be even more that bonds people by their college majors.

A recent study by Grand Canyon University found that your Netflix go-to may be related to your college major. While many college students seem to agree on a set of shows that are at the top of their watch-list, that one show that a student always goes to is divided based on area of study.

Business majors love to binge The Office.

In between writing long business proposals and studying trends of the economy, business majors can have a stressful workload. A humorous TV show is a must to blow off some steam. The Office provides content that these students can relate to, as a traditional workplace is where many of them will end up after receiving their highly anticipated diploma. It also offers a comedic relief to let them relax after a long day of serious business.

Education majors are The Good Doctor fans.

Education majors are training to spend their entire day with kids. This requires a high-degree of patience and playfulness. When it comes to entertainment, they prefer a change of pace – something more serious to let them zone out. Given that they deal with humorous situations on the daily, a reality sit-com isn’t exactly the ideal way to escape. The Good Doctor allows them to consume adult content (a change from their daily children’s books and fairytales).

Health majors’ go-to is Game of Thrones.

Unlike education majors, the last thing health majors want to tune into when they need some down time is more medical jargon. The terms featured in The Good Doctor are the terms that haunt them on every exam and assignment. Watching this wouldn’t be a break for them, which probably explains why they turn to a completely different genre and prefer American fantasy drama Game of Thrones.

Grad students are avid Friends watchers.

Graduate students are all going on their fifth, sixth, or beyond year of university. Watching Friends allows them to not only de-stress with some laughs, but also shows them people just like them who are also doing their best to survive in their tiny NY apartment – which maybe makes the inevitable student debt feel a little less daunting.

When you spend hours cramming for an exam with your peers, Netflix study breaks are a necessity. Naturally, sharing the same favorite TV show makes it a lot easier to decide what to watch in your 30 (or 90) minute brain-break. That way, you can spend less time debating on what to watch and more time procrastinating your work by just watching!  

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