Living Sustainably in an Urban Environment


Living in a big city, the smell of exhaust, skyscraper buildings, and hoards of people surround you. Urban living can be one of the best experiences you’ll have, but it can also be difficult to feel like you’re doing your part to preserve the environment while you rush around the litter-filled streets. However, city-living does not mean that you can’t live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. There are plenty of ways to take the steps towards living sustainably.

In fact, EmPower Solar, a company based out of Long Island how knows a bit about city life, recently enlisted the help of green living experts to share their best green living tips. Most of the advise can be easily implemented for those that live in an apartment in the middle of a bustling urban area.

For example, Andrew Yakub says that his favorite eco-friendly product is a solar BBQ. That sounds perfect for those summer rooftop parties many city-dwellers host on summer Fridays.  

Emily Morris, Founder and CEO of Emrgy Hydro, keeps her carbon footprint low at home by using a Nest thermostat. Morris states, “A Nest thermostat at home has saved us up to 30 percent of energy costs during summer months.” She also recommends not forgetting the basics, such as turning off the faucet while you’re brushing your teeth, and using a low-flow shower head.   

If you don’t have the option of installing a new thermostat or making any major changes to your dwelling, Rahul Nihalani has a great recommendation for your ventures outside: buy a bike. Like Amsterdam, the city Nihalani mentions, plenty of major cities have found that biking can significantly reduce the amount of pollution. Even if the place you call home doesn’t have a bike-share program, it’s worth it to purchase one on your own.

Remember, every citizen of this planet has to do their part in order to save the Earth. So, even if you live in an urban area that contributes more significantly to pollution and climate change, you can implement small changes yourself that will help to reduce those negative effects. No matter where you call home, green living is possible!  

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