New Study finds which States have the Cleanest Residents

When moving to a new city, we often look into how clean their streets and parks may be. But little do we know the hygiene of the residents! A recent survey found the U.S. states with the cleanest and dirtiest residents. Over 900 people were asked to rate their own cleanliness habits. The team at The Waycroft then found the average answer from each state to see who ranks cleaner or dirtier than their neighbors.

The study found that Washington, D.C. residents are the cleanest, followed by Tennessee and Mississippi. On the other end of the spectrum, Oregon, Alaska, and New York ranked as some of the dirtiest. When it comes to habits, the survey found that 50% of people say they try to clean up once a day, while 25% consider themselves to be neat freaks. 

Respondents were even asked about their biggest deal breakers when it comes to cleaning. 26% said their biggest deal breaker was when their significant other leaves dirty dishes around the house. Other deal breakers listed included significant others never offering to help dust, wearing stained clothing, and not making the bed. 36% of the respondents said they would give up a promotion they were considered for rather than live with someone who wears stained clothing!

When it came to cleaning up for guests to arrive, 43% said they deep clean before having company. Looking at generational differences, 82% of Millennials said they actively clean up after their guests during gatherings and 55% of Boomers have slid a coaster under a guest’s beverage!

Overall, the survey revealed that everyone’s cleaning habits are different. While some can stand a little dirt and grime, others are willing to go without their phones for a week rather than live with someone who isn’t as clean as they’d like. Just like finding a place to live, it all comes down to personal preference!

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