Ranking Cities to Ride Solo


A New Study Reports the Best Cities to Live Alone

The past few months have been a lonely time for everyone. Due to social distancing regulations, the social networks of the workplace, school, and community organizations have fallen by the wayside. And while many people still have friends and roommates to keep some sense of normalcy, many people living alone have little to no contact with others. For those single people, living alone for the past few months may have inspired them to look into moving to new cities that provide the best possible solo experience when social distancing ends. 

Luckily, a new study from furniture company Joybird and hard money lenders Hard Money Property recently came out with a ranked list of the best cities for living alone. Joybird ranked top U.S. cities based on factors like rents for single apartments, average wages, social scenes and crime rates. Some of their insights might help guide single people’s decision-making on where to live next. 

First, the top-ranked city was Milwaukee, WI, scoring 46.6 out of a possible 50 aggregate points. Although this smaller city isn’t as famous as metropolitan hubs for drawing in single residents, the affordability, safety and social scene may have contributed to its high score. Certainly, the city, stationed right on beautiful Lake Michigan has plenty to offer. One of its major highlights is its lively bar scene, which offers single people opportunities to meet and mingle in hipster breweries and Packer-themed sports bars alike. 

Other top cities included Cleveland, OH and St. Louis, MO, both major midwestern locales. Perhaps just the region’s famous kindness makes it the perfect place for single people to form relationships with neighbors even if they are living alone. 

On the other hand, the study also highlighted the cities where living alone may not be a great option. The worst city to live alone was found to be San Francisco, CA scoring only 18.4 from 50 possible points. It’s no secret that the city is one of the most expensive cities in the United States, which may be one of the major causes of the city’s low score. However, recent reports that San Francisco’s rent prices are dropping due largely to remote work and unemployment may indicate that the city may become more affordable, and, in turn, more single-friendly soon. 

Other places which received low scores were popular U.S. cities like Washington D.C. and Atlanta, GA. Hard Money Property has a team of hard money lenders in Atlanta and they can confirm these housing safety scores in Atlanta, Georgia. Ironically, the excitement of these cities, which are homes to arts and entertainment scenes and plenty of young professionals may draw individuals in. 
With the proportion of U.S. citizens living alone growing to over a quarter of American households according to the Wall Street Journal, it will be interesting to see how companies in these major cities cater to the different needs, budgets and capacities of single residents. Hopefully, residents will find connection and success no matter where they live as our country moves into its next chapter.

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