5 Important Characteristics of an Interior Design Savvy City

city skylineInterior design is everywhere we go and is an integral part of our everyday lives whether we realize it or not. Odds are that you’re probably not a hermit shunning society and you’re the type of person that appreciates good interior design. In fact, you’re able to recognize good interior design wherever you go noting that it makes you feel something from awe to tranquility, and if it’s bad interior design, frustration and mild disgust.

If you’ve ever bought furniture or decor for your room, you’ve pretty much earned the title of honorary interior designer and have thought about those perfect pieces spending hours considering what goes together and how they fit into the overall look you’re trying convey with your design.

But what about the professional interior designers? What do they look for in a city when it comes down to choosing somewhere to live and work? What are their top five must haves in a city?

1. A booming design market  

Obviously at the top of the list, if interior design isn’t in demand in a city then it’s a no go. A city has to have a booming interior design market with high demand for those wizards of style in order to be a hot prospect for moving to.

2. A decent hourly wage

Again ranking highly is salary, if the average interior designer wage is low then it’s a less appealing prospect. There’s only so much passion for design that will get you through low compensation for your efforts.

3. A strong number of home furnishing stores

A larger amount of home furnishing shops including high end, bespoke, thrift, and mainstream indicates a healthy pool of options to work into designs. It also shows that the local population likes and appreciates furniture – pretty important if you’re going to be offering interior design services for some of them!

4. An existing interior design community

Having an existing interior design community is a good indication that the city has a demand for interior designers as well as a ready placed community for support and networking, which is important for designers that are just starting out.  

5. An opportunity to experiment and grow

Condos, town homes, eco homes, tiny homes, new age mansions, the more variety in a cities housing means the more opportunity to try different styles and grow as a designer. Variety is the spice of life after all and stagnation is a creative professional’s worst enemy.

Some cities are better than others when it comes to interior design, and if you’re lucky enough to live in one, may your rooms always be stylish, and if not, hopefully you can find a professional to help.

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