The Two Best Ways to Save Money While Living in a City

There’s nothing quite like city life. The contagious energy, endless entertainment opportunities and melting pot of people and cultures make for a fun, unique lifestyle. But, as we all know, everything comes with a price. And, in a city, that price is probably a lot higher.  Many fall into the trap of excusing their spending … [Read more…]

Analysis Finds Cities with the Greatest Need for Addiction Counseling

One problem facing the U.S. today is addiction. It bears no boundaries when it comes to location either. The number of drug overdose deaths have more than tripled. According to the addiction center, 21 million Americans are battling addiction, yet only 10% are receiving treatment and counseling. Not having the desire or resources could play … [Read more…]

Here Are the U.S. Counties at the Top of Their Class

The Class of 2020 is experiencing a graduation season like no other. Unfortunately, COVID-19 concerns have precluded many beloved senior traditions. Still, distanced celebrations have a re-drawn focus on the accomplishments of this year’s high school seniors. Cities are showing off their pride with celebrations like socially-distanced parades and virtual commencements.  All communities can be … [Read more…]

Spruce up Your Space: These Are the Top Trending Interior Design Styles on Pinterest

Interior design speaks volumes to any individual entering a room without the use of words. Different design styles can reveal various aspects of your personality and values to others. Whether you want to tell someone you’re delightfully minimal, or as bold as a bohemian bedroom, you can!  Interior design also gives us the opportunity to … [Read more…]

How Our Generations Value Remote Work

Having the opportunity to work remotely is an alluring job perk that satisfies countless employees. Remote work allows us to save precious time by skipping the morning commute, avoid feelings of office confinement on our days of introversion, and even recover from a pesky cold that we couldn’t quite shake over the weekend. Thanks to … [Read more…]