A Humorous Look at the Best Entertainment Money Can’t Buy

One of the best sources of fun and live-entertainment money can’t buy is people watching. Some of the things people do are just jaw-dropping, and when you’re in a big city, what better free activity to partake in than people watching? 

It’s easy to peg that activity as one of the top benefits of living in a city. In urban areas, of course there is typically a higher influx of people, so there is more to see others do. Aside from being a fun activity, people-watching is also a great way to get to know the heart of a city. Each U.S. city has a distinct culture or vibe that is difficult to recreate if you don’t spend time watching how the people who live there act. 

Right, there’s very little more entertaining than watching people interact, pass by, and do silly things like take the same video several times for TikTok or some other social media platform. People watching is something almost anyone can agree is fun, especially with some of the things you’ll see, seated on a park bench in New York City or on the balcony of a second-story restaurant in New Orleans. 

With that in mind, Travel + Leisure put together a list of some of the best cities for people watching. From Honolulu to Charleston, the list highlights the best cities for watching other people’s antics. 

This Reddit thread does a solid job of listing out the most ridiculous things people have noted while people-watching in public in the city.  Apparently, only older men wear white socks. 

If you’re people-watching in the suburbs, don’t worry. Your neighbors probably are too. This survey reveals that some of the weirdest things people have witnessed in their neighbor’s yard include recording TikTok choreography, shaving a beard in the rearview mirror of a car, and more. If you’re not at home, but you still live in the suburbs, popular people-watching avenues include Costco, a retail mall, and local restaurants on “kids eat free” nights. 

What’s your favorite way to people watch? 

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