Are Big Cities Lacking In Odd, Fun Attractions?


If you’ve ever leafed through a Guinness Book of World Records, you’ve likely come across some of the American small towns’ claims to fame. These range from the world’s tallest peanut to the world’s longest candy counter. What is interesting about these tourist attractions is where they’re located — rarely do you see them in major cities within each state. Typically, they’re in smaller towns.

This could be because these less prominent areas have less to attract visitors. Bigger cities already have plenty, especially when there’s an airport or two closeby. There just isn’t a need. Luckily for anyone looking for a collection of odd roadside stops, put together a list of the top self-proclaimed record breaking attractions in every state. Here are a few of the strangest.

World’s Largest Potato Crisp — Blackfoot, ID

This potato chip is located at the Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot. It’s not just a statue or a piece of art — it’s literally a big potato chip. It was created by food engineers at Proctor & Gamble in Ohio and now lives in Idaho for good.


World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock — Sugarcreek, OH

This giant cuckoo clock has existed since being built in 1972. It was originally in Wilmot but moved to Sugarcreek about a decade ago. Anyone standing nearby it is in for a treat, as it goes off in song every 30 minutes.


World’s Biggest Fishing Fly — Dutch John, UT

Anyone who is into fishing should make a stop here. The fishing fly is 32 feet long and weighs a whopping three tons. There’s also a fishing store nearby.


World’s Largest Jackalope — Douglas, WY

A jackalope isn’t a real thing, but it was ideated in Douglas by a local taxidermist in 1939. This town has since become the “Homes of the Jackalope,” so you’ll see imagery of it around the area.


There are plenty more odd roadside stops around the county, some of which you probably couldn’t find out about unless you happened to drive by. All the more reason to get and your car and road trip to the other coast!

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