Follow These Three Steps to Feel Happier in the City

Living in a big city comes with plenty of perks: there’s never a shortage of things to do, you have access to all of the best restaurants and stores, public transportation makes it easier to get around, and the local sports teams are usually top-notch. However, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life when you call one of the countries hotspots “home”. Sometimes, we forget about the bigger picture and it becomes easier to feel a little superficial or cynical.

That’s why it’s important to keep yourself grounded and make sure to take a few steps back every once in awhile. There are three simple processes that I believe can help to improve your outlook on life when you live an urban lifestyle: meditation, donation, and vacation.



Life can feel pretty exciting in the city, but it can also increase levels of stress. With traffic, drama, and busy schedules city life can start to feel overwhelming. That is precisely why you should make an effort to breathe deeply and place yourself in calming situations. Meditation is beneficial to your health in many ways, but most obvious is that it reduces stress. Spending a little time each day to meditate and clear your mind will greatly increase your happiness, but if you can’t allocate that much time, then you should at least aim for once a week.



It’s true that there are always fun ways to pass time in the city. It seems like there is always a parade, party, restaurant opening, gala, or concert taking place. However, there are also plenty of opportunities to volunteer. In larger cities, there are more shelters and more individuals in the need of help. Take the time to donate either your time or your money and you’ll feel more selfless and more in touch with the world around you. Many people have found that volunteering increases happiness. You could also organize some volunteering opportunities within your company. Many business (such as this health insurance company) are focusing on giving back and it seems to increase employee motivation.

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Sometimes you just need a little break from the buzz of the city. Vacations are the perfect way to blow off steam and learn about the culture of other cities. If you can’t quite fit a long vacation into your schedule, you can always take a weekend road trip outside of the city. Pack your bags and hit the road. I recommend heading to somewhere quiet and small. You’ll have fun new experiences and you’ll come back to the city with a renewed appreciation for your home.

Combining each of these practices will significantly improve your quality of life as a city-dweller, but even adding one into your schedule will really make a difference. It’s fabulous to live the urban lifestyle, but sometimes we really need to ground ourselves and meditation, donation, or vacation are just the thing you need to accomplish that!


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