Here’s How You Should Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day This Weekend


No matter where you are and no matter where you come from, we’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

Funny thing about St. Patrick though, despite being the patron saint of Ireland, he wasn’t even from the Emerald Isle. He was actually born in Britain and taken as a slave to Ireland at 16 years old. He even escaped his enslavement and went back to his birthplace for several years until returning to Ireland. And when he did, he brought back with him the Christian faith, so for the Irish people, St. Patrick’s day is a time-honored religious celebration.

But after the Irish started to resettle in the Americas, the holiday took on a new form — a way to remember their homeland and their heritage. Today, we carry on the tradition and take this day to eat, drink, and celebrate like only the Irish know how.

If you’re thinking about avoiding the busy bars this St. Patrick’s weekend, here are some essentials you’ll need to ensure the holiday is a success!

Make sure to wear green

While many of us take this day to wear green hats and shirts, it turns out the color that actually represents St. Patrick’s legacy is blue. But because of Ireland’s rolling green hills, shamrocks, and the first stripe on the Irish flag (which happens to represents Catholicism), most adopted a new color for the occasion. And the pinching tradition? Oddly enough that stems from a fear of hidden leprechauns, back in the 1700s, who were sure to pinch you if you didn’t wear green to blend in with them.

Pick up some Irish soda bread

Or you can make your own. It’s actually not that hard and could make for a great new family tradition. Plus, it will come in handy Monday morning when you are trying to shake the holiday hangover. There are lots of quick and easy recipes for this delicious bread all over the internet. Many only take 15 minutes prep time and can be made from ingredients you probably already have on hand.

Put on the Corned Beef and Cabbage

One of the easiest meals you’ll make this year is also one of the most delicious. Turns out it’s not so much an Ireland tradition as an Irish-American one, but that’s not stopping us from doubling (tripling?) our recommended sodium intake this Sunday. Whether you prefer to

Crack open a Guinness and pour a shot of your favorite Irish Whiskey

This is a celebration after all and very few celebrations (especially Irish Catholic ones) are complete without a drink or two. So make sure to pick up a six pack of your favorite Irish beer and raise a glass of Irish Whiskey for a toast. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig ort! (Happy St. Patrick’s Day)! Sláinte!

Now that you have the attire, the food, and the drinks, the only thing left to do is turn on some Irish music to set the mood. Feel free to go the traditional route with classic Celtic tunes or keep it modern with punk rock vibes of Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly. Either way, it’s guaranteed to get the whole party clapping and dancing a jig.

Wishing you a safe, happy, and unforgettable St. Patrick’s Day!

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