Here’s What You Need to Do Before Hosting House Guests

One thing about living in a big city is that for better or for worse, your home seems to be a hub for house guests. Whether people are in town for a job interview, want to explore the city as tourists, or just passing through, your home is a cheaper and more comfortable alternative to city hotels. 

Having house guests can be a great opportunity to bond with family and friends that you may not normally spend a lot of time with. However, it can also be very stressful to prepare and host. There’s a pressure to put your best foot forward when you invite strangers into your home.

Making your home look presentable is a lot of work. Here are a few things you may forget to do before hosting houseguests. 

Plan out Meals in Advance 

Eating out every night can get expensive. Many people think this is the only option. Finding time to prepare a home-cooked meal between your guest’s busy schedule may seem impossible. Plan in advance to save both time and money during their stay. Prepare universally favored meals in advance to pull out whenever you need them as this will make your life so much easier. 

Make Extra Space for Your Guests 

No matter how long they plan to stay, it’s nice to offer them some space in the closet to settle in. Little things like this will make your guests feel more comfortable ‘making themselves at home.’ Plus, this makes a great excuse to declutter your space, sometimes you just need a little push of motivation. 

Clean the Guest’s Sheets Before and After Their Stay 

According to a recent survey, the majority of people say they put in the time to clean the sheets for their guest. This may be a hassle, especially for those who despise laundry, but it’s common courtesy. You wouldn’t want to sleep in used sheets, so don’t make your guests. 

Make a Copy of Your House Key 

Unless you’re planning on rearranging your entire schedule to match your guest’s, make a key to give both you and your guest some freedom. This will let you live your life while your guests can come and go as they please. 

Once your house is cleaned and ready for guests, sit back and relax! Ultimately, a good guest is not going to care about whether the counters are sparkling clean or not. Don’t stress over the little things – just try to enjoy the company.

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