It’s Jess… On Zoom!?: A New Illustration Imagines ‘New Girl’s’ Lead Teaching From Home

We all love Jess Day! Our favorite polka-dot-clad dorky hero has gotten us through some tough times as we watch her stumble through her own. And while we all may not have Jess’ band of goofy roommates to keep us company during quarantine, binging New Girl has definitely been a great way of spending our time cooped up. 

How would Jess and the guys be spending their quarantine? It’s hard to imagine all the pranks and chaos that would ensue. But luckily, a new illustrative series from Joybird, which imagined favorite television “girl bosses” working from home, helps paint a possible picture. 

In the picture, we see Jess, the passionate middle school teacher we all love, putting on a lesson for her class online. We can only imagine that she is standing at the front of the class singing a song about hygiene or equality while strumming her guitar.  And while we bet that getting a green sheet up in the apartment was a clumsy team project, we know that Jess’ efforts to get her apartment in tip-top shape for teaching would make her class very entertaining. 

It’s so much fun to imagine Jess during the quarantine. In fact, even Zooey Deschanel, the address behind Jess, has gotten in on the fun, challenging fans via Instagram to offer their imaginations of the gang’s quarantine. A popular idea was that a legendary game of True American would commence. If that were the case, we imagine that Jess’ online teaching would need to be preceded by a few baby aspirin in the morning. 

As we all keep binging New Girl through social-distancing, how would you picture Jess, Schmidt, Winston and Nick spending their time?

You can see the full series of illustrations, including imaginations of girl bosses Monica Gellar, Liz Lemon and Pam Halpert, here.

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