Spruce up Your Space: These Are the Top Trending Interior Design Styles on Pinterest

Interior design speaks volumes to any individual entering a room without the use of words. Different design styles can reveal various aspects of your personality and values to others. Whether you want to tell someone you’re delightfully minimal, or as bold as a bohemian bedroom, you can! 

Interior design also gives us the opportunity to recruit new and trending styles into our homes. After all, who wants to stick to one style when there’s so much more to be discovered? With this in mind, furniture and decor company, Joybird, created a study that found the most popular interior design styles, according to Pinterest. To determine which were most popular, they measured the volume of searches on a 1 to 100 scale from June 2019 through January 2020. 

In first place as the most popular design style was Western with an average search volume of 81.26. The western style makes its way into the hearts of Pinterest users for its incorporation of chic wood finishes and properties such as antlers, or stone fireplaces. Trailing close behind as second most popular, was Modern design style averaging 79.53 in search volume. Decorating a home in Modern style involves the use of solid, patternless colors, open space, and sleek design. 

Without a doubt, you’ll find Modern styles encompassing a great deal of light grey and white on their walls, complemented by diverse decorations and artwork. Additionally, hanging a large-scale piece of artwork above your sofa or buffet is a “wow-factor” that can catch the attention of guests, especially when brightly colored, according to Nimvo’s list of top modern homes trends

On the flip side, Joybird also found interior design styles that were the least popular. In their findings, the style with the fewest searches was Art Deco, with a 32.03 average search volume. Art Deco can be described as the ‘opposite’ of Modern style. Art Deco design uses rich color palettes and possesses properties such as gold chandeliers, and closely-spaced furniture. It is unsurprising that Art Deco lacks traction at this time, as Modern style continues to rise in popularity.

If you want to find out more about what interior design styles are trending to get an idea on how to decorate your home next, check out the full study here

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