The Cost of Brunch in Certain U.S. Cities Might Surprise You

Living in a big city as a millennial means that your weekends are planned out for you to a tee. You routinely go out to your favorite bars each Saturday night, probably have a little too much to drink, and recap the night the next morning at brunch with your squad. 

Few things should disrupt this routine. No matter how busy your weekday gets, keeping your weekends consistent is key to beating the stress of the work week. There’s nothing that will make you forget about life and laugh it off like the conversations that should never leave the brunch table. 

The only downside to this sacred routine is that costs can add up, and fast. From covers at bars to the mimosa prices the next day – social life in a big city isn’t exactly the most affordable. But of course, not all cities are equal. 

Sky Blue Credit mapped out the most and least expensive cities for brunches in America, and you might be surprised by some cities’ affordability! 

The Least Expensive Brunch Averages Under $8. 

Brunch entrees don’t always have to be boujee to be delicious. Portland, Oregon has the cheapest average brunch price in the states at just $7.20 per meal, excluding beverages. While the top ten most affordable cities are mostly smaller sized cities, big urban areas like Charlotte, North Carolina and Houston, Texas made the cut – all under $10 per meal. 

The Most Expensive Cities Are No Surprise. 

If you had to guess which cities you’ll chalk out the most to enjoy this millennial rite of passage, you’d probably guess right. Washington, DC, New York, New York, Los Angeles, California, and Chicago, Illinois are all among the top 10 most expensive brunches in the nation, each city averaging upwards of $12.40 per meal. 

The most expensive city in the country for brunch is Seattle, Washington, coming in at a whopping $15.06 per meal. You may want to think twice about buying an extra round on Saturday night if you know you’ll be going for Sunday brunch the next day here. 

Of course, these cities all likely have cheaper alternatives to make brunch more budget-friendly, you may just have to do a little more digging. You don’t have to go to the best brunch hotspot in your state in order to enjoy the company of your friends. 

You can fulfill the tradition of weekly brunch from pretty much anywhere, even if it’s DIY pancakes in someone’s tiny apartment. You can cut the costs even further by making your own mimosas to avoid another added expense. A small apartment may not give off the same vibes as a high class restaurant, but it gets the job done.

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