The Unsung Benefits of Living in An Urban Environment

Are you a rural-dweller or a urbanite? Do you prefer wide open spaces or the hustle and bustle? If you ask me, I’d take the city atmosphere any day. That’s not to say I haven’t experienced small-town-living. In fact, I grew up in a small town. But now? Today? I’ll gladly pay relatively higher rent for the amenities you get for living in an urban environment. There are a few I’d like to highlight that may be overlooked by many.


Access to New Services Earlier On

Ever heard of Postmates? Lyft? Uber Eats? If you’re in a city, you definitely have. However, many smaller towns still don’t have access to these. Because it’s a smaller market, it’s harder to make services like these work. However, those in cities always get the first look at these types of things. Plus, companies sometimes try out new menu items exclusively in certain urban areas.


Access to Significant Sporting Events

Most towns have some sporting events, or at least are nearby other towns that do. However, big cities are where you will be the large events that make headlines. Consider the Super Bowl, the Final Four, the NBA Finals, the World Series, and so on. All of these take place in a city each year. In 2018, the following cities saw one of these large events: Minneapolis MN, Phoenix AZ, Oakland CA, Los Angeles CA, and Houston TX. When it comes to the NCAA Men’s Basketball championship, specifically, it’s always been an urban location. It turns out that cities in the South get to host the game more than any other.


Public Transportation Options

Yes, this is a well-known amenity of large urban areas. However, many city-haters complain of the unavoidable traffic in urban areas, and enjoy the infrequent traffic in their less-populated homes. They forget that city-dwellers always have the ability to skip traffic by taking public transportation. In smaller areas when traffic occurs, most people just have to deal with it when it does occur.


Convinced to move to a city yet? I won’t deny the unique attributes of rural environments, and I see why someone wouldn’t want to be an urbanite. Still, you can’t deny these unique benefits.



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