Three Things to Keep in Mind if You’re Considering Moving to Another Country

close up of a globe

If you’ve lived in the same city or town all your life, you probably are very familiar with the culture and laws that govern the region. These have been consistent throughout your life, they’re all that you’ve ever known. Reality is, these standards are not consistent across the globe.  Different geographic regions all have very … [Read more…]

Analysis: Fortune 500 Companies Global Footprint

The list of Fortune 500 companies is a prestigious one. These companies must be American and are ranked according to their revenue for their most recent fiscal year. Although all these companies must start in America, a lot of them have expanded beyond our borders. A recent analysis looked into how Fortune 500 companies expanded internationally … [Read more…]

The Cities with the Best NFL Fan Bases

If baseball is to be considered America’s pastime, then football is its passion. With almost 100 million people across the country sitting in front of their televisions on February 3 for the 53rd Super Bowl, it is the most popular televised event of the year. Americans have essentially created a holiday out of the big … [Read more…]